Patient feedback//

This is to attest to the impeccably executed scaphoidectomy recently performed by Alice Bremner-Smith on my hand which had previously been causing me considerable pain and discomfort.


This delicate operation, requiring careful on-the-spot judgement, has been an unmitigated

success thanks to my surgeon's expertise and surgical skill, and I cannot recommend her highly enough to other patients suffering from the same debilitating symptoms and difficulties.  She really does get remarkable results.

Excellent consultation and advice. It was a great relief to feel in expert hands and I'm making good progress.​

Thank you for the wonderful job you and your team did on my hand. As you can see from my handwriting - its already much better! Thanks again.​

Dear Miss Bremner-Smith, ​

Thank you so much for treating my wrist. It is now 12 weeks past operation and it is functioning 100%.

Dear Alice,

I wanted to write to thank you for the two injections on my left and right hand for Dupytren's Contraction. I am pleased to say that the two hands have straightened up remarkably well. They are still a little sores you intimated, but I have to say that it has been a great successor which I thank you. It makes a big difference.

Dear Alice,

I wanted you to know how much I appreciate the care you have given me these past few months. I'll do my best not to repeat the exercise! It's still improving day by day.

These are just some of the messages Miss Bremner-Smith's patients have left on paper notes at the hospital. 


Colleague feedback//


Miss Bremner-Smith is a caring doctor, dedicated to patients and a very ​pleasant colleague. She provides a high standard of care and safety. She communicates very well with me and patients and provides all necessary medical information about planned procedures, She is familiar with equipment she requires for procedures and informs theatre staff.

I have been working with her weekly for over 10 years and it always gave me a great pleasure and satisfaction to be a team with Alice. Miss Bremner-Smith is very popular with with colleagues and operating theatre staff.

Alice Bremner-Smith was my supervisor during my fellowship. She took her role seriously and I learned much from her, not only with regards to management of patients and operating, but I was also inspired by her mannered demeanour. She was always available to talk to and gave very good advice.

Alice is an excellent surgeon with good decisions and surgery skills. Always enjoy working with her.

Miss Bremner-Smith is an extremely pleasant person and an excellent surgeon. A pleasure to know and work with.

Alice is an excellent hand consultant. I have really enjoyed my time working for her as my boss. She provides very good guidance in the clinic. She is happy to discuss cases and consider different options for treatment. From a training perspective I have found my time with Alice invaluable. She has allowed me to complete a lot of surgical cases in a well supported mannered I feel I have gained a lot of confidence in operative ability. I would highly recommend this hand fellowship post with Miss Bremner-Smith. 

A good supportive colleague. Well liked by staff and patients.​

Feedback from colleagues was collected anonymously as part of the latest medical appraisal.