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  • How Do I Make An Appointment?
    To make a private appointment to see Ms Bremner-Smith please call Sara on 0207 099 7791 or email​ You can also call the London Hand and Wrist Unit on 02032143617 or the Fortius Clinic directly on 02031952442. See details on the Contact Section. ​If you are using medical insurance you will need an authorisation code and you may require a GP letter. You can contact your insurer prior to the appointment to obtain the code and find out if you need a letter. If you are unsure about anything please contact Sara directly so we can clarify things for you.To add a new question go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.
  • How Much Does An Appointment Cost?
    Initial consultation £300 ​ Follow up consultation £150 ​ Surgical costs depend on the nature of the procedure. ​ A list of surgical costs can be found on the PHIN website. ​ There may be some variability in cost depending on insurance cover level but it will not exceed the above amounts.
  • Will My Insurance Cover the Cost?
    Ms Bremner-Smith is a registered provider with all commonly used medical insurance companies so your treatment should be covered by your insurance. As Ms Bremner-Smith has been a provider with these companies for many years she is able to retain independence regarding her fee structure unlike newly qualified Consultants. This means she does not need to be ‘fee assured’ , nor is she on the ‘open referral network’. This does not mean you cannot make an appointment with her. If you have any queries about this please call Sara. ​ Most insurance companies will not automatically cover 100% of the total cost and you may be asked to pay a certain amount yourself. This is usually in the vicinity of 15%. If this is a problem for you please get in touch as we can usually resolve the problem by adjusting our fee structure to accommodate insurance deficit.
  • How are Invoices settled?
    If you are a self-pay patient, you will be sent an invoice along with the clinic letter. This will take place after the consultation or procedure. You will then be able to settle by credit or debit card payment or via bank transfer with a company called 'Trusthealth Ltd'.
  • When Will I Receive the Clinic Letter?
    We aim for you to receive your clinic letter on the next working day if sent via email. The letter can be sent either by email or regular post, depending on your preference.
  • When and Where do Operations take place?
    Operations are usually performed at the Fortius Clinic Theatre Suite or the Lister Hospital Theatres on Thursday afternoons. Sometimes ad hoc arrangements can be made to accommodate your requirements.
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