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Steroid Injections and Covid-19

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

New guidance was published on 11th June 2020 confirming that low dose steroid injections for conditions of the hand and wrist are generally safe and highly unlikely to be associated with significant problems related to Covid-19. (Bone and Joint Open Vol.1No.6)

Happily this means patients who were waiting for injections during the pandemic can be reassured that it is a reasonable thing to do providing appropriate precautions are taken.

Steroid injections are not always advisable but they are an excellent option in appropriate cases. They do have side effects which include local pigmentation of the skin, local fat atrophy, post-injection flare of pain for 1-3 days, and failure to produce the desired result but such side effects can be considered 'nuisance' and generally do not have lasting effects. Very rarely more serious side effects can occur including tendon weakening and infections but these are exceptional and, with appropriate guidance and care, they are extremely unlikely. I am looking forward to being able to arrange these treatments for patients going forward when the circumstances are correct.

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