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Welcome to the website of Ms Alice Bremner-Smith, Consultant Hand and Wrist Surgeon working in London. With over 16 years experience and a dedicated supporting team of therapists and allied professionals I am committed to providing excellence in Hand and Wrist care. You can find here information about myself, about medical and surgical conditions of the hand and wrist and guidance on how to arrange consultations.



I am a highly experienced Hand and Wrist Surgeon based in London. I have worked as a Consultant in both NHS and Private Practice since 2004. My practice covers adult Hand and Wrist conditions exclusively and I am a Consultant at the Regional Hand and Wrist Unit based at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Trust, and Honorary Senior Lecturer at the Imperial College London.

I offer private appointments through the The Fortius Clinic, Marylebone, The Fortius Clinic, King William Street, The Lister Hospital, Chelsea, The Platinum Medical Centre, St Johns Wood and the Chiswick Medical Centre, Chiswick.

I am a firm believer in non-surgical treatments and try to avoid operations if alternative treatments will produce the same or better results.

My work is closely intertwined with an experienced team of Hand Therapists to maximise non-operative treatment options and provide bespoke rehabilitation regimes for rapid return to function following injury.

''Thank you for everything you have done for me over the past few years. Your patience, professionalism and support have meant more to me than I can ever put in writing! I look forward to returning to sports very soon and it is all very much down to your perseverance and dedication''


Alice Bremner-Smith, Hand & Wrist Surgeon, London


Specialist experience

I have 16 years of hands on experience at

 Consultant level in London. After completing my surgical training in the UK I gained specialist international experience working at the Institut de la Main (Paris), Royal North Shore Hand Unit (Sydney, Australia), and Oxford Hand and Wrist Unit. I was awarded the Pulvertaft Fellowship and trained further with national leaders David Evans at The Windsor Hand Clinic and Professor Rolfe Birch at the Peripheral Nerve Unit, Stanmore.

I work hard to keep abreast of new developments by regularly attending meetings and liaising with numerous colleagues in the UK and abroad. I have your best interests at heart and will refer you on to a colleague if I believe your condition is more suited to their experience.

Over the years I have treated more than 14,000 private patients with Hand and Wrist Conditions and many more than this in the National Health Service including elite athletes, professional musicians and performing artists. I look forward to using this experience to provide for you the best possible medical care.


Helping You Feel Good

Alice Bremner-Smith, Hand & Wrist Surgeon, London


Taking Care of You

Alice Bremner-Smith, Hand & Wrist Surgeon, London


The Care You Deserve


Helping You Get Healthy

Alice Bremner-Smith, Hand & Wrist Surgeon, London


Keeping you on top form

Alice Bremner-Smith, Hand & Wrist Surgeon, London




Consultations can be virtual, telephone or face to face. Please call Sara Norton 02070997791

or email :


I see patients privately at:


The Fortius Clinic, Marylebone


The Fortius Clinic, King William Street , City

The Lister Hospital, Chelsea 


The Platinum Medical Centre, St Johns Wood 

Chiswick Medical Centre, Chiswick

Appointments can also be made by contacting the London hand and Wrist unit at the web addresses above or on tel 02032143617

I see NHS patients at:


Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Trust. To see me there please arrange a referral from your GP 

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